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Tittot Crystal Figurine featuring two Japanese Paradise Flycatchers perched on top of two persimmons. The item is brand new and in mint condition (it was given to me as a recent gift by a friend from Taiwan but doesn't fit my decor so I am putting it up for auction). The item has only been out of its box long enough to take pictures. 
The colors are exquisite and are truly spectacular when the light hits the crystal at different angles. The item is signed on the bottom in Chinese and in English (see picture) and comes with a stand. 
The item is 5.375 inches (13.5 cm) wide x 4.25 inches (10.5 cm) high x 3.125 inches (8 cm) deep. The figurine weighs 2lb, 3oz (985 g). Also included is a lucite stand bearing the company's name and logo. It measures 5.5 inches (14 cm) wide x 1.125 inches (3 cm) high x 4.375 inches (11 cm) deep. It's a perfect accompaniment to the figurine. 
The item comes in its original factory box, with all original packaging, including a certificate of authenticity, care instructions, and explanation cards about the item and the company. Below is information from the explanation cards. 
S&H is $25 USD for domestic shipment by the USPS with signature confirmation (I apologize for the high cost but the item is heavy and will be shipped in a relatively oversized box). 
S&H internationally 
is at cost. Please contact me before completing the payment process so I can figure out the cost. 
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About the item: Title: Persimmon, Lingzhi and Japanese Paradise Flycatcher. Information: Persimmon (shi in Chinese) has the same pronunciation with event. Lingzhi symbolizes "long life" and "as you wish". Japanese Paradise Flycatcher (shoudai bird in Chinese) has the same pronunciation with longevity. Titto combines those blessings to with you all the best on every matter and healthy longevity. 
About the company:

Tittot Art Glass Crystal Story (Pronounced Two-So)

One of the most unique qualities of Tittot's pieces are how they are made - from one source. Unattainable by mere machinery, the outstanding aesthetic effects are created and achieved under 850 degrees Celsius of firing, just one of the 53 astounding steps undertaken to create these flawless works of art.


Its beauty also lies in Tittot's unique lost-wax casting technique. The mould for the glass piece is made from wax. So, imagine if a creation has a stretch of glass, the wax mould has to be made to be able to withstand the weight and weakness of a curve.


It is a painstaking endeavor starting from the careful selection of raw materials to the creation by using the most exact standards of craftsmanship.


The result is a fully harmonious work. Each creation is a single piece of glass that has no adjoining line or flaw. Unlike other crystals that are usually made of separate pieces put together to form a final piece, oriental crystal art is made of one entire piece.


Crystallizing contemporary art with vast history, culture and perspectives in life, "Tittot" is the apt phonetic translation of the Chinese words "Ti Tou", meaning clear and glimmering.


Its brilliant fine art pieces characterized by sculptural intricacy and iridescent tones are used as design art displays, exhibits and accessories.


Celebrity owners of exquisite Tittot pieces include Jennifer Lopez, Bill Gates, Jet Li, Bae Yong Joon and figures of state who received national gifts.


Tittot's endless pursuit of bespoke creativity and supreme craftsmanship ensures that each and every work is legendary. Its art is immortalized in the Tittot Glass Art Museum in Taiwan.

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