Cold Stream Guards Uniform World War 1

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This Coldstream Guards uniform was worn and issued to the fabled, Captain Ivor Phipson Smith-Ryland, of the foot guard regiment of the British Army. he was a lieutenant that served between 1915 and 1919. His life credits also recognize him as a justice of the peace and master of foxhounds. Also part of the lineage of the original English Yeomanry that held titles and land in Warwickshire. Born in 1898, Ryland passed away at the age of 31 on December 27th 1929. His legacy was carried on by his daughter, June Bensley and son, Sir Charles Mortimer Tollemache Smith-Ryland. 

Sir Charles carried on to become a highly dignified member of the British Monarchy. He held the office of justice of the peace and was appointed Knight Commander, Royal Victorian Order. (K.C.V.O.) He also held office as Lord-Lieutenant of Warwickshire which his family has held land titles in for centuries. The Ryland family has held prestige and power and been an integral part of the farming community becoming key members of English defensive military and calvalry units which continue to exist to this day.

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