2009 Canada $250 After the Flood Vancouver Silver Kilo

Royal Canadian Mint

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2009 Canada $250 After the Flood Vancouver Silver Kilo


This is the third coin in the Vancouver Olympic Silver Kilo series, and the mintage is 1,000 pieces smaller than the 2007 and 2008. More collectors are becoming aware of this highly popular series. Don't miss out on purchasing a 2009 Series III Vancouver Silver Kilo now! The Obverse Features: The traditional effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the date 2009. The $250 Vancouver Silver Kilo is the largest denomination struck in silver by the Royal Canadian Mint.

The Reverse Features:

In ancient times, a great flood happened that threatened the survival of the Squamish people. The people banded together in canoes, and tied their canoes to En cheki - now called Mount Garibaldi - so they would not drift away. An eagle caught salmon and dropped the fish into the canoes, giving the Squamish people sustenance and ensuring their survival. The design is an artistic eagle and salmon design.

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