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The items listed on display are authentic objects of historical relevance.  We believe saving these objects for scholarly discussion is important for future generations.  Collectors and museums preserve these historical artifacts so that there memories are not lost forever.

We Buy - Sell - Trade

We are constantly buying, selling and trading historical military objects.  We purchase medals, weapons, swords, flags, documents, photos, maps and posters.

Boar War

Boer War / Victorian

Napoleonic Militaria


Ottoman Empire Militaria

Ottoman Empire 

WW1 German Militaria

WW1 Germany

WW1 Allies Militaria

WW1 Allies

WW2 Nazi German Militaria

WW2 Nazi Germany

WW2 British Canadian War Militaria

WW2 British / Canadian

WW2 United States Militaria


WW2 Japanese Militaria

WW2 Japan

Vietnan War

Gulf War / Modern


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